Picture for dolefulWhenever we hear news about somebody’s death, it is something very doleful. Death of dev anand saheb was doleful news for all his fans.

Pronunciation: dohl-fuhl

Meanings of Doleful:

1. Filled with or evoking sadness
2. Mournful
3. Causing grief
4. Sorrowful

Master’s tip to learn Doleful:

Whenever a girl has to sit in DOLI to go to her in laws’ house after marriage, she is DOLEFUL/ Sorrowful. We can remember doleful from that.

Sentence Examples for Doleful:

1. Burnished doves moan their doleful love songs and young men’s fancies turn.
2. For amid all the doleful news, there is a hopeful tide.
3. My daughter sat down at the piano to play something doleful.

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