picture vocabulary for dregsDregs is something that is unwanted and it can be used for particles that settle at the bottom of the glass and even for people who are the least valuable in the society, of course according to standards set by society. It is plural noun and its first usage dates back to 1250-1300.

Pronunciation: dreg

Meanings of Dreg

1) Sediment of liquids
2) Small remain of something
3) Not of much value as a part of anything

Master’s tip to learn dregs:

Dregs can be easily learnt by associating it with the word drag, as in do not be a drag. Further, dregs can also be learnt by associating the word with a picture of stirring a glass of water, which will make the sediments/dregs come to the surface of the water.

Dregs can be used in the following ways:

1) Quality control tests revealed the presence of micro dregs in water. (Noun/plural)
2) We should impale dangerous dregs of society. (Noun)
3) We have no right to call atheists as dregs of society. (Noun)

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