picture vocabulary for drudgeryImagine, your job is to sniff armpits of people to determine the type of perfume that should be made for each smell. Of course, just an imagination, but this job does seem like an undoable chore or in other words, drudgery. Worse will be when you will be paid less. It is a Noun.

Pronunciation: druhjuh-ree


Drudgery has originated from the combination of two words drudge and ‘ery’. Drudge is a Noun too, which means a person, doing dull hard work and ‘ery’ is a suffix of nouns that refers to a person’s profession, business, things, virtues and merchandise.

Dictionary definitions for drudgery are as follows:

1) Tiresome work

2) Boring and unlikeable hard work

Master tip to learn drudgery:

When something is drudgery you would do it begrudgingly anyways, which means that you would do something even when you do not want to do it for the simple reason that it is drudgery.

Drudgery can be used in following ways:

1) Her life is full of drudgeries. (Plural)

2) Mopping the floor everyday is drudgery of being a housewife. (Noun)

3) His negative attitude towards work has made it a drudge; hence he does not spend much time in the office. (Noun)

4) He does his work drudgingly. (Adjective)

5) He has drudged his work to an extent that he cannot stand the site of a computer. (Verb)

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