Picture of EffigyThe times when Bush was burnt on the streets, not literally, but a representation of him was burnt, it was an effigy that people were setting fire to. We see such examples of effigies being burst almost every day, don’t we? Some reviled politician or the other is burst to ashes every now and then.

Pronunciation: ef-i-jee

Meanings of Effigy

1) A representation of a person or a group that is roughly made
2) Image of a person who is disliked and is used to ridicule.

Master’s tip to learn Effigy

Effigy can be easily learnt with the help of the word jiffy, as the two words are a bit similar in sound. Further, to make it easier, we can say the effigy was reduced to ashes in a jiffy (in an instant).

Sentences example for Effigy

1) George Bush’s effigy was burnt in the streets as a protest against the war. (Noun)
2) Effigies were burnt in the street to protest the westernisation of the Indian culture. (Plural)
3) It was the effigy-like representation of communism that was assaulted in the public view. (Adjective)
4) People were left aghast when they saw the effigies being burnt in the streets. (Plural)

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