Picture for EffronteryThe word effrontery is a noun. It refers to audacious or even arrogant behavior and is also generally used for impudent boldness.
It was first used back in 1705 and has been originally derived from the French word effronterie.

Pronunciation: ih-fruhn-tuh-ree

Meanings of Effrontery

1. Brazen boldness
2. Presumptuousness
3. Barefaced audacity

Master’s Tip to Learn Effrontery

To learn the word ‘effrontery’ relate it the word ‘front’. Now a person who always remains in front usually does so by ignoring others and due to his arrogance and does not walk with others but ahead of them, such a person shows audacious and arrogant behavior and hence it can be used to recall the word ‘effrontery’.

Sentence examples for Effrontery:

1. The obvious effrontery to the court should not go unnoticed.
2. What began as a curious rivalry became, in the racial climate of thetime, an effrontery.
3. He had the effrontery to claim he was the son of God and the king of the Jews.

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