picture vocabulary for elapseEach and every second, minute or hour that passes by, is known as elapsed. Elapse is mostly and pre-dominantly used in terms of time. Most of us are unable to make the optimal use of time and indulges in activities that are not productive or beneficial in any case. People regret on the way of their elapsed time, but are unable to do anything about, this regret affects the performance in present and future as well. Our generation spends most of the time in social networking, and is crazy about it, which in turn is creating hollowness in us.

Pronunciation: ih-laps

Meaning of Elapse

1. To slip by or pass by.

Master Tip to learn Elapse:

Relate it with time, the most vital element responsible for success.

Sentence Examples for Elapse

1. Commmonly, one month may elapse before a woman realizes that herbirth-control method failed her.
2. Hours, perhaps days, will elapse before an opening can be drilled largeenough to get the men out.
3. In the case of products aged in wood, several years could elapse before they were shipped.
4. Elapsed time exceeds the period length, and then the counters are reset.

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