picture vocabulary for elucidateElucidate is to make clear things, by explaining the concept in detail. Many a times we don’t get the gist of the topic or things, and we try to move on, but that can be harmful because if we are not clear with the founding principles, we cannot build upon them. Elucidating is a better explanation of something, by giving some pragmatic examples, so that we can relate things to it and can have a better understanding.

Pronunciation: ih-loo-si-deyt

Meaning of Elucidate

1. Make clear and (more) comprehensible
2. Make free from confusion or ambiguity
3. Make less mysterious or remove the mystery from
4. Explain in detail

Master’s Tip to Learn Elucidate

Many a times in classrooms, students don’t raise a question, despite the fact they are not clear about the topic. They feel shy to raise their hand and ask about it, because they think what others will think, whereas the fact is when a student raises question, many other thanks him/her at the back of the mind for raising it, because they too have the same doubt. So our point is:don’t be scared to get your doubts ELUCIDATED.

P.s: Students must consider the fact that no question is stupid; an answer might probably be stupid at times, so it’s better to make it clear and free yourself from ambiguity, and it’s better to be fool for a moment rather than being fool for the rest of your life.

Sentence examples for Elucidate:

1. The pictures often seem to contradict the words, yet at the same time perfectly elucidate the author’s message.
2. She read everything she could get her hands on that would elucidate and expand what she was finding out for herself.
3. The pathway could also elucidate how language evolved.

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