picture vocabulary for eminentImminent and eminent are two words that can be confusing every time you come across them. Well, just a difference of I and M. Hence, it becomes important to learn to differentiate between the two and you have come to the right place. It is an adjective.

Pronunciation: emuh-nuhnt

The dictionary definitions for eminent are as follows:
1) High in ranks, someone prominent in the society
2) Remarkable/significant
3) High/towering
4) Prominent or stick out/obtrude
5) To a high degree (eminently: adverb)

Master tip to learn eminent:
As described above you can differentiate between imminent and eminent and learn the two words easily. Eminent: Em can be a name for a person, hence an eminent person.
Imminent: Imm can be a name for a dangerous game, hence imminent danger.

Eminent can be used in following ways:
1) He is an eminent person (Adjective)
2) The case was decided with eminent biased views. (Adjective)
3) He has eminent/obtruding ears. (Adjective)
4) Shimla is characterised by eminent/towering trees. (Adjective)

5) Despite her being eminently noble in her intentions, she was put behind bars. (Adverb)

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