Picture for EmulateThe word emulate is a verb, it means to compete with or imitate something and equalize or surpass it. It is used in sporting jargon all the time where commentators talk about a player emulating someone else’s records.
It has originally been derived form the Latin word aemulātus and it was first used around 1580-1590.

Pronunciation: em-yuh-leyt

Meanings of Emulate

1. To compete with successfully
2. To strive to equal or excel
3. To imitate to equal

Master’s Tip to Learn Emulate

The word emulate can be remembered by relating it to the word ‘Amulet’. Now an amulet is usually given to or worn by someone for good luck so that they can achieve something previously done only by a few people, which means the same as emulate that is to imitate some achievement successfully.

Sentence examples for Emulate:

1. It was hard to imagine a decade ago but Sachin Tendulkar has gone on to emulate Don Bradman in almost all aspects of the game and even surpass him in some.
2. Some smaller cities nowemulate the major capitals in their cultural offerings.
3. His only dream is to be able to emulate his father as a concert violinist.

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