Picture for EncomiumThe word Encomium is used for glowing and warm praise and is generally a formal expression. Encomium is used as a noun.
The first use of this word dates back to 1589 and has been originally derived from the Greek word enkomion which meant ‘laudatory, eulogy’.

Pronunciation: en-koh-mee-uhm

Meanings of Encomium

1. A formal expression of high praise
2. A tribute
3. Glowing and warmly enthusiastic praise

Master’s Tip to Learn Encomium

Encomium sounds like the word ‘income’ and generally people that fall in high income groups are praised and lauded in the society and therefore it can be used to recall the meaning of the word ‘Encomium’.

Sentence examples for Encomium:

1. An encomium by the president greeted the returning hero.
2. Examples of her poetry and an encomium of it can be found anywhere easily.
3. The gift given by him was accompanied by a written encomium.

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