picture vocabulary for enhanceWe all have visited pizza hut or dominoes where they serve their delicious pizzas with oregano seasonings and chilli flakes. Have you noticed how these seasonings enhance the flavor? The normal pizza flavor changes to something so tempting.  

PRONUNCIATION: en-hahns ; en-hans

The Dictionary Definitions for Enhance are as follows:
1. To make greater, as in value, beauty, or effectiveness; augment.
2. To provide with improved, advanced, or sophisticated features
3. To make better or more attractive
4. To raise or increase to a higher point

Master’s Tip to learn Enhance:
Lot of bollywood actresses are going under physical cosmetic surgeries to enhance their looks.

Usage Examples for Enhance :
1. This computer software has been enhanced with cutting edge functionalities.
2. For paint and appliance makers, the labels enhance their green bona fides and perhaps even boost sales.
3. A debt enhances rapidly with compound interest.
4. The editor enhanced the manuscript with his changes.
5. This sauce will enhance the flavor of the meat.

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