Picture for EnigmaThe word Enigma is a noun and refers to a puzzling or inexplicable occurrence or situation. It was first used in 1539 and has been derived from the Latin word aenigma .

Pronunciation: uh-nig-muh

Meanings of Enigma

1. Something, or someone, who is puzzling, ambiguous, inexplicable.
2. A perplexing, obscure, or ambiguous speech or text.
3. Anything that puzzles or baffles.

Master’s Tip to Learn Enigma

An easy way to remember the word ‘Enigma’ is to remember it through the popular band ‘enigma’. The band is known for its songs that are mysterious and even obscure at times and hence act true to their name.

Sentence examples for Enigma:

1. The biggest enigma in the collection is a piece whose function is entirely unknown.
2. Just why he suddenly switched political parties remains an enigma.

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