picture vocabulary for entourageWhen you walk in an entourage, the question is why: are you peripatetic (A person who walks from place to place) or influenced by the leader of the pack?

In general, an entourage is a group of people travelling along with an important person for the purpose of facilitating the work he/she is going to do there.

Pronunciation: ahn-toorahzh

Dictionary definitions of Entourage:

1. A group of attendants or associates; a retinue
2. One’s environment or surroundings.

Master Tip to learn Entourage:
Think of a person who is so affluent and famous, and is followed and accompanied by a group who is always there to help him out with his work, and also the followers have a sense of security by being with him.

Usage Examples:
1. His students smirk at his arriving for classes with an entourage offlunkies.
2. Later, he and his entourage are still buzzing about the experience.
3. Some billionaire and his entourage were stranded when their jet broke down.

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