Picture for EvanescentEvanescent is an adjective meaning vanishing or fading away. If something tends to become imperceptible or passes out of sight, its qualified as being evanescent. Evanescent was born around 1745-55 from its Latin root ēvānēscent.

Pronunciation: ev-uh-nes-uhnt

Meanings of

1. fleeting or fading away like vapor
2. becoming imperceptible
3. passing out of sight

Master’s Tip to Learn

Evanescent is pretty easy to remember, if you look at its middle part ‘vanes’ which looks a lot like vanish, and evanescent means vanishing or fading away!
It can also be remembered by looking at the last part ‘scent’. Scents don’t stay forever. Even as you put on your cologne every morning, it fades away after sometime (again giving way to your body odor).

Sentence examples for :

1. The evanescent modes decay rapidly and, thus, don’t propagate.
2. Words are evanescent, only their effect stays.
3. Physical beauty is evanescent, a moment it’s there and the other, poof! It’s gone.

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