Picture for ExcoriateExcoriate is used as a verb. It means to denounce or to express strong disapproval of. It is also means to strip off or remove the skin from something.
It has originally been derived from the Latin word excoriātus and was first used around 1375-1425.

Pronunciation: ik-skawr-ee-eyt

Meanings of Excoriate

1. To denounce or berate severely
2. To express strong disproval against
3. Wear off or remove skin from

Master’s Tip to Learn Excoriate

The word Excoriate can be related by using the word ‘Ex’. Since anyone’s ex does not bring about happy memories and people usually have strong feeling against them it can be used to connect the word Excoriate.

Sentence examples for Excoriate:

1. He was excoriated by his parents for his mistakes.
2. The presidential candidates have publicly excoriated each other throughout the campaign.
3. Her palms were excoriated by the hard labor of shoveling.

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