picture vocabulary for excruciatingA question that that has to be asked of you before explaining this word: Can you bear the pain? Can you go through it or are you going to break down? Excruciating is a situation that causes severe pain, that can be both mental as well as physical. The intensity of the pain depends upon the magnitude of the situation that results in pain.

Pronunciation: ik-skroo-shee-ey-ting

The Dictionary Definitions of Excruciating are as follows:

  1. Causing extreme bodily or mental pain
  2. Intensely painful; agonizing
  3. Very intense or extreme
  4. Extremely embarrassing

Master Tip to Learn Excruciating

Remind yourself of a situation in your life when you have undergone extremely mental or physical pain: that one single defining moment in your life when you thought you simply could not take it anymore, that one moment when you thought as if your limbs were broken and did not have strength to carry on. Well, my friend that is the moment of excruciating pain.

Usage Examples:

  1. And in the final scenes, the dramatic tension becomes excruciating.
  2. Excruciating torture and they eventually all died.
  3. Excruciating experience.
  4. I have an excruciating headache.
  5. They described their vacation in excruciating detail.

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