Picture for ExultationThe word ‘Exultation’ is a noun and is an act or feeling of rejoicing greatly as a result of some kind of triumph. It originated around 1400 and has been derived from the Latin word ultātiōn.

Pronunciation: eg-zuhl-tey-shuhn

Meanings of Exultation

1. Lively or triumphant joy, as over some success or victory.
2. The act or condition of rejoicing greatly.

Master’s Tip to Learn Exultation

The root word ‘Exult’ here sounds like ‘Excel’. Generally when someone excels in his examination they rejoice greatly. This can be used to relate to and remember the meaning of the word ‘Exultation’.

Sentence examples for Exultation:

1. The singer was being cheered by the exultations of her fans when she won the musical contest.
2. She had gone home with a feeling of uplift and exultation in her heart.

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