Picture for FacadeFaçade is used in Architecture jargon for the face or front of a building. Alternatively Façade is also used for a superficial appearance or showy misinterpretation used to usually conceal something. It is a noun.
It has originally been derived from the Italian word facciata and was first used around 1650-1660.

Pronunciation: fuh-sahd

Meanings of Facade

1. The front of a building.
2. An artificial appearance or effect.

Master’s Tip to Learn Facade

Façade contains the word ‘face’ which can easily be used to relate to its meaning of the front or face of a building.
Alteranatively Façade can also be connected to ‘fake’ which would mean something superficial or a misinterpretation that is used to conceal something.

Sentence examples for Facade:

1. They were trying to preserve the facade of a happy marriage.
2. The windowless façade of the skyscraper looks just breathtaking.
3. The clean facade of the iPod’s control panel and the space around it is one of the many reasons for the product’s superiority among customers.

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