Picture for FervidFervid is an adjective used to describe something or someone as intensely enthusiastic or marked by intense emotions. It entered the lexicons around 1590-60 being derived from the Latin word fervidus meaning boiling.

Pronunciation: fur-vid

Meanings of Fervid:

1. Intense or vehement in enthusiasm
2. Heated in spirit; burning; glowing
3. Characterized by intense emotions

Master’s Tip to Learn

Fervid can be related to fervent (both are used interchangeably), which can be broken into vent. And venting one’s feelings is generally characterized by intense emotions. Fervid can also be related to ‘fiery’ which can be related to fire, which is heated and intense.

Sentence examples for :

1. She has always been a fervid employee, working late hours and completing projects well before the dead lines.
2. The case was discussed in court in a very fervid manner.
3. The President gave a fervid speech regarding waging a war against female foeticide.

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