Picture for fiatFiat refers to a sanction or decree. It is a legally binding command or decision entered on the court record (as if issued by a court or judge).Fiat is Latin for ,”let it be done”. I some cases, it pertains to an order from the court such as the entering of a lawsuit judgment, divorce decree, etc.
In other situations it can pertain to a warrant for the arrest of an individual.


Meanings of Fiat

1. An arbitrary order,decree or announcement
2. An authoritative sanction or order by the government
3. An arbitrary decree or pronouncement, especially by a person or group of persons having absolute authority to enforce it:
4. A legally binding command or a decision entered on the court record

Master’s Tip to Learn Fiat

All of you must be familiar with the great car-fiat.So an apt sentence to clearly remember and understand this word-“Fiat is such a good car that it has command over all other cars.”

Sentence examples for Fiat:

1. The school principal issued a fiat that caps were not to be worn inside the school
2. He also issued a fiat ordering state employees to break the ramadan fast and restricted the number of pilgrims performing the hajj.
3. As a liberal, i fear that some of our rights could thus be curtailed by ministerial fiat.

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