picture vocabulary for flagrantSome people have a flagrant lifestyle or worse flagrant dressing style, which means both are evident or so shocking that you cannot help, but notice them. It is an adjective.

Its first usage dates back to 1400-50 and it is late Middle English word. It has originated from Latin word Flagrant, present participle of flagrare.

Pronunciation: fley-gruhnt

Meanings of Flagrant

1) Something shockingly noticeable
2) Infamous, scandalous/shameful/ shocking

Master’s tip to learn flagrant:

Flagrant can be learnt easily by associating it with the word fragrant, as flagrant and fragrant rhyme with each other, the only difference is of ‘r’ and ‘l’. Further, fragrance can also be flagrant (shockingly noticeable)

Sentence Examples for Flagrant

1) His appearance was flagrant. (Adjective)
2) It was a flagrant a flagrant felony. (Adjective)
3) He was flagrantly dressed. ( Adverb)
4) Flagrantness of his behaviour has always led him in trouble. ( Noun)

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