Picture of FlamboyantFrench Gothic architecture of the late 15th century and early 16th century was characterized by flamboyant tracery, intricacy of detailing, virtuosity of workmanship, attenuation of parts and frequent complication of interior space.

Pronunciation: flam-boi-uhnt

Meanings of Flamboyant

1.Strikingly bold or brilliant
2.Dashing and colorful
3.Elaborately styled, florid or ornate

Master’s tip to learn Flamboyant:

Flame + boy, remember the boy who wears a t-shirt with flames all over it. It looks bold and really strikes you. That is the very essence of flamboyance, something so bold or colorful catching one’s attention very easily.

Sentence examples for Flamboyant:

1. Lady Gaga has varied hues and designs in the dresses, her dressing sense is flamboyant (adjective).
2. Obama has the ability to orate flamboyant speeches (adjective).
3. Her handwriting is extremely flamboyant (adjective).
4. A celebrity’s lifestyle is filled with flamboyance (noun).

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