Picture for FloutFlout sounds like trout, but flouting is way different than trouting, former means to ignore basically and latter basically is no word. It is a verb and as well as a noun.

Origin: Its first usage dates back to 1350-1400 and it has originated from Middle English word flouten, which means to play the flute.

Pronunciation: flout

Meanings of Flout

1) To treat something e.g. rules or code of conduct with scorn.
2) To show disrespect for something, in this case it is usually followed by at.
3) A disdainful act. (Noun)

Master’s tip to learn flout

Flout rhymes with trout, so it is quite easy to learn trout with the help of sound. However, to make it easier, flout can be learnt with the help of the word sprout, as the two words rhyme. So, in this case too, flout is best learnt with the help of similarity in sounds.

Flout can be used in the following ways

1) You have no right to flout the law of the land. (Verb)
2) You have all the right to flout/mock/scorn at his foolishness. (Verb)
3) He is labelled as a flouter, as he is usually caught flouting the rules of his school. (Noun, Verb)
4) He floutingly insulted the spirit of his institution. (Adverb)
5) His flout (insulting remark) towards him hurt him. (Noun)
6) Tanvi called her friend a cur, which was nothing but a grave flout (insult). (Noun)

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