Picture for FluctuateFluctuate means to shift back and forth or to change continuously without any certain pattern. Fluctuate is a verb. For most of us living in India the concept of fluctuating electricity is something that we have grown to accept.
Fluctuate was first used around 1625-1635 and has been derived from the Latin word fluctus.

Pronunciation: fluhk-choo-eyt

Meanings of Fluctuate

1. To vary irregularly
2. To change often from high to low levels
3. Frequently changing the level, strength, or value of something

Master’s Tip to Learn Fluctuate

The best way to remember the word fluctuate is to relate it the frequent electricity cuts and voltage fluctuation (changes) that used to happen in our homes back in the day.

Sentence examples for Fluctuate:

1. His popularity has fluctuated during his term in office.
2. The planetary climates fluctuate, seasonally and temporally.
3. Data from the black box indicates that the plane’s reading were fluctuating wildly before it ultimately crashed.

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