Picture for FomentThe word ‘Foment’ means to cause or to try to cause the growth or development of something bad or harmful. It is a verb.
It originated around 1360 and was derived from the Middle English word fomenten.

Pronunciation: foh-ment

Meanings of Foment

1. To promote the growth of; incite.
2. To instigate or foster.

Master’s Tip to Learn Foment

The easiest way to remember the meaning of ‘Foment’ is to relate it to ‘Foam’. Now foam starts to appear in soapy water when you start to ‘stir up’ things. Similarly foment means to stir up or incite people.

Sentence examples for Foment:

1. To foment or to incite people to plan a revolution without thinking can have very serious consequences!
2. In order to foment a revolt among the farm hands, the revolutionary forces spread lies.

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