It’s that time of the year when Santa comes down the chimneys or pipes, if you have no chimneys. So, it is the time to be happy. Season of thanking and giving should not be forlorn for your soul if you believe in Santa. It is an adjective.

Pronunciation: fawr-lawrn

The dictionary definitions for forlorn are as follows:
1) A person appearing/feeling sad or lonely
2) Dejected and miserable
3) A person or situation deprived of hope/ hopelessness
4) A person deprived of comfort or a destitute

Master tip to learn forlorn:
Forlorn can be learnt by associating the sound of first half (for) and second half of the word (lorn) to two different words. For (Fur) lorn (lawn) .i.e. lawn of fur and if you want to associate with the meaning of forlorn then lawn of fur will be a sad state of affairs anyway.

Forlorn can be used in following ways:
1) Forlornness of his mind could not give him happiness all his life. (Noun)
2) Forlornly sitting in that corner, Swati could not stop thinking about the accident. (Adverb)
3) He spent his childhood forlorn of hope and basic comforts of life that we don’t even pay gratitude for. (Adjective)
4) His appearance is forlorn and he needs immediate medical attention. (Adjective)

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