picture vocabulary for frenzyFrenzy can be confusing, as it can be a state of excitement and eve a state of total derangement of mental state or motions. And it is a noun. Its first usage goes back to 1300-50.

Pronunciation: fren-zee

Meanings of Frenzy

1) As a noun
a. A state of mental agitation or excitement
b. A fit or spell of violent mental excitement
2) As a verb
a. To drive someone into frenzy or to make hysterical

Master’s tip to learn frenzy:

Frenzy can be learnt easily by associating the word with phrensy, as the two words rhyme. Frenzy is the new usage for phrensy and the meaning for both the words is same. Further, next closest word to frenzy is fury, as fury and frenzy can mean the same thing. Fury can also drive someone in frenzy.

Sentence Examples for Frenzy:

1) Multitude was driven into frenzy when thy saw ninety percent discount on jewellery. (Noun)
2) For her acrophobia results in many frenzies during a single month. (Plural)
3) Deadlock in her professional sphere frenzied her beyond repair. (Verb)
4) She has been frenzying herself into action and still is oblivious about it. (Verb)
5) With incredible zeal to learn, she took up the initiative with frenzy. (Adverb)

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