In picture vocabulary for fretfulan irritated state?

Unable to great a grip of things because you are constantly complaining and irritated and peeved at things? Well, don’t be. You are only burning your own gas. A fretful soul is constantly on the boil, on the verge of exploding, one filled with that itchy excitement.

Pronunciation: Fret-fuhl

The Dictionary Definitions of Fretful are as follows:

1. Unable to relax or be still
2. Itchy for excitement
3. Irritable or peevish.
4. Habitually complaining
5. Disposed or quick to fret

Master Tip to Learn Fretful

Think of a child who is irritating his mom at night, and is not sleeping. That is a ‘FULL OF FRET’ kid. Fret means to be agitated or irritated, and hence the meaning of the word fretful is a direct derivation from it.

Sentence Examples for Fretful:

1. Don’t assume your baby automatically needs feeding if she’s fretful.
2. There is an uneasy balance, a fretful stability in bottom.
3. Moreover, there was little for them to eat, and as the officers became hungry they became fretful.
4. After a few days of fretful humor, the weather became almost spring like again.

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