Funambulist though a Noun can be used to describe all of you who are adrenalin junkies or as we can say live on the edge all the time (you may or may not make it out alive) or we can also say last minute assignments (you may or may not complete it on time), that does ring a bell about pressure and edge.  Well, you all are funambulists. It is a Noun.

Pronunciation: fyoo-nam-byuh-list

The dictionary definitions for funambulist are as follows:
1) Tightrope walking/a tightrope walker
2) A show especially of mental agility.

Master tip to learn funambulist:
The easiest way to learn funambulist is its association with a street performer walking on a rope to entertain people.
Also, somehow, funambulist paints a picture of a flutist (musician) due to the sound of two words. Plus, being a funambulist and flutist makes you an artist.

Funambulist can be used in following ways:
1) Funambulist often entertains people on the streets in countries around the world. (Noun)
2) Funambulism runs deep in her life, as she walks a tight rope everyday at her work due to er careless attitude. (Noun)

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