picture for gesticulateThere would have been a time when you would be advised to control your hand movements while speaking, especially for competitions like extempore. Otherwise you would be called as gesticulator. Well, gesticulating is one sub-conscious impulse for most individuals and is something that just happens, for no reason as ll. It is a verb and its first usage dates back to 1595-1605.

Pronunciation: je-stik-yuh-leyt

Meanings of Gesticulate

1) To make gesture while speaking commonly with hands
2) To say something with gestures alone

Master’s Tip to learn Gesticulate:

‘Gesticulate’ sounds like someone has gastric trouble. Well, if someone does have gastric trouble, he would ‘gesticulate’ a lot because of the gastric trouble that brews within. Further, gesticulate can be learnt with the help of that one person in our environment who uses lot of hand movements while talking.

Sentence Examples for Gesticulate:

1) Despite his high intellect he could not score in extempore because he gesticulated through the entire speech. (Verb)
2) His speech is replete with gesticulations. (Adjective)
3) His intention to intimidate his classmates is clear when his behaviour is gesticulatory. (Adjective)
4) He is an eminent gesticulator. (Noun)
5) He signalled peril with his gesticulatory behaviour. (Adjective)

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