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It is easy to have a grimace on. We often have it. it is an expression where are facial features are distorted and out of shape, because we are under stress of some kind or the other. Just like in this word poster above.

The dictionary definitions for grimace are as follows:

1. A facial expression, often ugly or contorted, that indicates disapproval, pain, etc. (noun)

Masters Tip to remember Grimace:


Grim means harsh, severe, bad or gloomy. So when you have a grim face, it is meant to be out of shape and show pain or any other negative emotion. Hence, the GRIMACE.

Usage Examples for Grimace:

1. A grimace was the closest he could come to changing his facial expression, since his species wasn’t exactly geared for smiling, frowning, and other human-like actions. — Simon & Schuster, “Fire on High”

2. The prospect of having to work hard brings a grimace to the face.

3. The face that he could not play with his friends because of his fracture brought a grimace to his face.

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