Picture for guiseThe word Guise is a noun. It is used for the external appearance or resemblance of something. Also Guise is generally used for not normal but a simulated appearance.
It originated around 1175 and has been derived from the Middle English word gisen.

Pronunciation: gahyz

Meanings of Guise

1. False appearance; pretense
2. External appearance
3. Mode of dress

Master’s Tip to Learn Guise

Guise is pretty easy to learn. It can be related to the word ‘disguise’ which means something with a false appearance and hence the word Guise which means the same.

Sentence examples for Guise:

1. Hopefully, the book’s re-appearance in slightly new guise will help its ideas gain an even wider audience.
2. He betrayed them under the guise of friendship.
3. They all decided on a cowboy guise for the masque ball scheduled for next week.

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