Picture for HarassThese days there are strict punishments for various types of harassments, still people do not let go any opportunity to do so. Bullies harass other children in school, in college this takes place in the form of ragging and in life, your boss is the absolute best at harassing you. It is a verb. Its first usage dates back to 1617.

Pronunciation: huh-ras, har-uhs

Meanings of Harass:

1) To irritate/frustrate constantly
2) To create an unpleased situation for someone with undesirable conduct
3) To worry someone (.e.g. enemy) by repeated raids

Master’s tip to learn Harass:

Harass can be learnt easily, when we remember a situation in which we have been harassed emotionally or physically. Of course, there would be such situations, may be not physical harassment, but emotional harassment situations would be there.
Harass can also be associated with the word arras, which means wall hanging of tapestry or simply to remember, just a wall hanging.

Sentences examples for Harass

1) Please do not harass me. (Verb)
2) He is a harasser when it comes to junior employees in his office. (Noun)
3) He harassed his colleague. (Verb)
4) Sexual harassment invites punishment these days, as it does not go unnoticed. (Noun)
5) He harassingly made his secretary work. (Adverb)

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