Picture for HeresyHeresy refers to a set of beliefs or doctrine that is at variance with the official or orthodox position. Heresy is a noun.
It was first used around 1175-1225 and has been derived from the Latin word haeresis .

Pronunciation: her-uh-see

Meanings of Heresy

1. Adherence to dissenting opinion or doctrine.
2. A controversial or unorthodox opinion or doctrine, as in politics, philosophy, or science.
3. An opinion or doctrine contrary to church dogma

Master’s Tip to Learn Heresy

The word Heresy can be divided into ‘her + esy(sounds like essay)’. It can be remembered by relating that most of the essays written by her are against popular beliefs.

Sentence examples for Heresy:

1. They were accused of propagating heresy among the masses.
2. Yesterdays heresy may be todays great truth, but that doesn’t mean all great truths started out as heresy.
3. And you can tolerate a little bit of heresy, but not a lot.

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