Picture for heterogeneousIndia is a heterogeneous community because of the diversity in it. Heterogeneous means an amalgam of different aspects of the field one is working in. Heterogeneous has its specific meanings in the medical dictionary and computing dictionary.

Pronunciation: het-er-uh-jee-nee-uhs

Meanings of Heterogeneous:

1. Composed of unrelated or differing parts or elements
2. Not of the same kind or type
3. (Chemistry) Composed of, or concerned with two or more different phases

Master’s tip to learn Heterogeneous

Heterogeneous can be divided into two parts – “hetero +genus”. Hetero is basically a prefix used for various words and the meaning is “different” and the word genus could be related to the different kind of specimens present in the world whether animate or inanimate. Basically, the composition of different elements all together is called heterogeneous.

Sentence Examples for Heterogeneous

1. The population of India is ethnically heterogeneous
2. It is a genetically heterogeneous condition which shows both recessive and dominant modes of inheritance.
3. Our first grade is heterogeneous grouping.
4. A heterogeneous mixture is one where its parts don’t fully blend together and you can see them each

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