Picture for HistrionicsHistrionics is a theatrical performance. These days social issues are being discussed with the help of exaggerated emotional performances and theatrical displays are on show to rouse the masses.

Pronunciation: his-tree-on-iks

Meanings of Histrionics:

1. Theatrical arts or performances.
2. Exaggerated emotional behavior calculated for effect.

Master’s tip to learn Histrionics:

Histrionics rhymes with hysteria. You would have heard about hysteria patients who display an Outburst of emotions. We can remember histrionics by that.

Sentence examples for Histrionics:

1. So when Ms. Winslet won two awards last night, her histrionics were a little too much for us to take.
2. After the histrionics of the last few days, the spring and summer couture collections ended on a calming note today.
3. In the past he has faced down critics with histrionics and theatrical brinkmanship.
4. No histrionics or wild-eyed accusations to be seen.

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