picture vocabulary for ilkIlk is used when referring to similar kind of people. Way back in school, when we also used to study, there was a gang of girls that was known as ‘the plastic girls’ because they used to put on a lot of make- up (yeah, make-up in school!) and they even used to take an off from school when they had a bad hair-day or a pimple. Well, my response to that situation was: I used to hate them and I just could not tolerate people of that ilk. Now you know why I built that whole story, so that we could learn the meaning of the word from a practical every day example.

Pronunciation : ee-lk

Meaning of Ilk

  1. Type or kind
  2. a kind of person
  3. a group of entities that have common characteristics such that they may be grouped together

Master’s tip to learn ilk :

Ilk can be rearranged as ‘lik’, a short-hand form of like. Ilk, as we know from above refers to the same kinds or class and or we can say, ‘like classes’.

Usage examples of ilk:

  1. I think what I dislike most about that ilk is their smug assumption of superiority.
  2. The static thinking of John Avlon and other of his ilk is wrong in the [21st] Century.
  3. I can’t tolerate people of his ilk and can’t trust people of that ilk.

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