picture vocabulary for imploreIs it imploring when we haggle with the cab driver to lessen the fare or it is imploring when we request our teacher to give us a grace mark in our maths paper. Well, to know the difference between the two situations, let’s read on about implore this time. It is a verb.

Its first usage dates back to 1530-40 and it has originated from a Latin word implorare, which means to lament.

Pronunciation: im-plawr, –plohr

The dictionary definitions for implore are as follows:
1) To beseech/entreat
2) To appeal to someone or for something in plea
3) To beg for in urgency

Master tip to learn implore:
‘Implore’ sounds like coming in somewhere, so if we take it like this, we can easily associate the word with backdoor. So, read it like “implore from the backdoor”, which could mean coming in from the backdoor. However, if such association confuses you about the original meaning of implore, then you can simply associate implore with backdoor by rhyming the words with each other.

Implore can be used in following ways:
1) I implore you to forgive me. (Verb)
2) She implored me to forgive her. (verb)
3) He as been imploring the judicial bench to lessen his sentence in the prison. (Verb)
4) He is an implorer. (Noun)
5) It is an implorable situation for prashant. (Adjective)
6) He has imploringly asked his wife for the custody of heir children. (Adverb)
7) His unending imploration won his father the mercy of the justice bench. (Noun)

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