Picture for ImportuneImportune describes requests that are urgent and often. To importune means to ask for something over and over. Sure, to importune is to beg, but use it only when you’re talking about going beyond mere begging into more urgent territory. The woman importuned the judge to release her innocent brother from jail. It is a verb and the original Latin term actually meant something closer “to bother.

Pronunciation: im-pawr-toon

Meanings of Importune

1. (Verb) to press or beset with solicitations; demand with urgency or persistence.
2. (Verb) to make improper advances toward (a person).
3. (Verb) to beg for (something) urgently or persistently.

Master’s Tip to Learn Importune

Imagine needing something so badly that you cannot stop asking for it: then you might importune someone to get it. During your college days or may be your school days, you importune in front of your dad for a Car or may be for a Cell Phone for umpteen number of times.

Sentence examples for Importune:

1. I importune you to help them.
2. The ghosts importune the living, begging to be remembered and avenged.
3. Those you importune can decide if they deem your team a worthy cause that they wish to underwrite.

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