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There are a few individuals who almost seem to born without any shame, and no matter what the situation, they cannot be forced to obey the norms of etiquette that society follows in general. They are brash and audacious, subject to loud mouth and in public cursing and showing a complete disrespect for authority.

These individuals are the IMPUDENT ones.

The dictionary definition for impudent is as follows:
1. Showing a lack of respect and excessive boldness. (Adjective)
2. Characterized by offensive boldness; insolent or impertinent. (Adjective)

Masters Tip to remember Impudent:
Do you remember an instance of your driving (whether a cycle, two-wheeler or an automobile) where you actually committed the fault and yet you were the one abusing the offended person? These instances are actually quite common and seem to have occurred in everyone’s life. This kind of behaviour, where one shows no respect to the person one should, can be labelled as impudent behaviour.

Sentences using the word Impudent:
1. They were among 433 foreigners — over half women– who were arrested by Saudi religious police for arranging an “impudent” party held in Jiddah.
2. As a result, young people are increasingly impudent and have a total disregard of the respect they owe to themselves and others.

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