Picture for InclementWell it’s not the time to go out, as its inclement weather outside. Inclement is the term used for severe or rough weather outside. Primarily it is used for extremely cold weather and stormy weather, but it is interchangeably used for rough and unpleasant as well. This unpleasant weather is also known as the silence before the storm that is yet to arrive at the door. So one should not move out in such weather and get entangled with it, rather people should wait in their habitat, so that weather may come down to normal state. Inclement is also used in context of human behavior, and is used for people who have rash and rude behavior.

Pronunciation: in-klem-uhnt

Meanings of Inclement:

1. Describes weather which is unpleasant, especially cold or stormy
2. Severe, rough, or harsh; stormy.
3. Used of persons or behavior; showing no clemency or mercy

Master’s tip to learn Inclement:

Think of an event when weather acted as a hurdle, and restricted you from any kind of enjoyment that you would had by visiting outside, but couldn’t do so because nature intervened in between.

Sentence examples for Inclement:

1. In the case of very inclement weather we will rearrange the event for Thursday, 15 June.
2. This netting is temporarily pegged onto the straining wires and can be removed easily when the weather turns inclement.
3. We also have an excellent onboard music system to keep you entertained should the weather prove inclement.

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