picture vocabulary for incongruousEven if two incompatible people are together it is only a matter of time that they will realise that how incongruous they are to each other, eventually breaking apart. It is an adjective and its first usage dates back to 1611.

Pronunciation: in-kong-groo-uhs

Meanings of Incongruous

1) Something out of place for a situation or a place
2) Incompatible/inharmonious
3) Something not conforming to ideologies etc.
4) Inconsistent within itself

Master’s tip to learn Incongruous:

Incongruous can be easily learnt by associating it with a mathematical term that still might be haunting some people .i.e. incongruent triangles/angles, meaning not equal to each other.

Usage Examples for Incongruous

1) He is incongruous to bias of any kind. (Adjective)
2) Incongruity (state of being incongruous) of her behaviour ruined everything. (Noun)
3) Her hysteria was incongruous to the situation. (Adjective)
4) Incongruousness of the situation generated unwanted insolence in people. (Noun)
5) Because prejudice was incongruously created, it faded away easily from the minds. (Adverb)

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