Picture for indigentSometimes, in the present scenario of recession, it is more appropriate to call almost half of the world indigent, as everyone is struggling to make ends meet and is broke. There should be different criteria to set up a new poverty line, which could be called the broke line. Indigent’s first usage dates back to 15th century. Indigent is an adjective.

Pronunciation: in-di-juhnt

Meanings of Indigent

1) Someone in need due to poverty
2) Impoverished/Impecunious
3) Someone lacking the basic necessities of life due to poverty.

Master’s tip to learn Indigent

Indigent can be learnt with the help of the word diligent, as the two words rhyme. And, in order to relate the two words more, it can be said that this indigent person is very diligent.

Sentence examples for Indigent

1) Our state provides home for the indigent people. (Adjective)
2) Chronic pain for that person was not treated immediately, as he was an indigent. (Adjective)
3) Mindful of his indigence, he withdrew his name from the list of nominees. (Noun)
4) He indigently took care of his ailing mother. (Adverb)

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