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An inebriate person is one who is basically drunk. Go out on a Saturday night and you would find hundreds of such inebriated souls.
This is an easy to remember word, isn’t it? Just keep in mind:

We have already covered another alcohol related word, bacchanalia: have a look.

Inebriation carries the following dictionary definitions:
1. Habitual intoxication; prolonged and excessive intake of alcoholic drinks.
2. A temporary state resulting from excessive consumption of alcohol.

Usage examples for inebriation:
1. But for the most part, the industry has preferred to keep the alcohol, but draw attention away from it by positioning wine as a necessary adjunct to civilized life, rather than as an aid to inebriation. -http://www.newsweek.com
2. I stop at the market on the way home in total disregard of my money situation, the hour of night; the levels of my own inebriation.

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