Picture for InitiateThe word ‘initiate’ is a verb and it means to begin or originate from a point.
It was first used back in 1533 and has been derived from the late Latin word initiatu.

Pronunciation: ih-nish-ee-eyt

Meanings of Initiate

1. To set going by taking the first step.
2. To admit into membership, as with ceremonies or ritual.
3. To introduce into the knowledge of some art or subject.

Master’s Tip to Learn Initiate

The easiest way to learn ‘initiate’ is from the word ‘initial’. ‘Initial’ means the starting point of something and is a noun whereas initiate is a verb and means to begin or start.

Sentence examples for Initiate:

1. Doctors have initiated a series of tests to determine the cause of the problem.
2. The company initiated judicial proceedings against them.
3. He was initiated into a secret society.

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