Picture for InnocuousInnocuous refers to something that is harmless and not injurious to physical or mental health. It is an adjective.
The first usage of the word Innocuous can be traced back to 1598 and has been derived from the Latin word innocuus.

Pronunciation: ih-nok-yoo-uhs

Meanings of Innocuous

1. Not intended to cause offense or to provoke a strong reaction and unlikely to do so.
2. Having no adverse effect; harmless.
3. Uninteresting, not stimulating or significant; pallid.

Master’s Tip to Learn Innocuous

The word Innocuous can be related to the word ‘innocent’ and someone who is innocent is unlikely to cause any harm and is uninteresting. So, it is pretty easy to relate to and remember the meaning the word ‘innocuous’.

Sentence examples for Innocuous:

1. He told a few innocuous jokes and kept his audience indulged.
2. As soon as her son fell sick she prepared an innocuous home remedy for him.
3. It was meant to be an innocuous remark, who knew that he could have actually felt bad for it.

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