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Being Inquisitive comes naturally to a human being. There are a number of situations where are inquisitiveness (the need/desire to know more) gets the better of us. For example, we always want to know who has had the latest break up or for that matter, make-up. And ever since our infancy, we have pointed towards things in order to their type, nature, form or effects. Its almost as if being inquisitive in our genes. And the same quality is making you read this article: the need to know or investigate the meaning of this word.

The dictionary definitions for inquisitive are as follows:
1. Inclined to investigate; eager for knowledge. (adjective)
2. Unduly curious and inquiring. (adjective)

Masters tip to remember Inquisitive:

picture for inquisitive


To learn inquisitive, just learn the word curious.
And to be curious is to be nothing else but eager to know more, learn more and be on the constant hunt for information.

Like the cute curious George is over here. There are a few better examples of curiosity than him. And even his eyes peering out of the picture depict the same curiosity.

Usage examples for Inquisitive:
1.  The inquisitive students want to know the answers to their questions all at once.
2.  Deploying an inquisitive mind and a crisp, witty prose style, Wheeler takes the reader on an informative and ultimately tragic tour of a region in the throes of drastic change. — The Washington Post, “Two books on the Arctic”
3. He was soon answering fan mail and welcoming a multitude of inquisitive visitors to his rural home. — The Washington Post, “Frank Buckles, last known World War I veteran, dies at 110”

Footnote: An interesting tautology
Some time back, I came across an interesting tautology (Useless repetition of words that is): inquisitive busybody. How can one be an inquisitive busybody, when busybody itself is a person who meddles or pries into the affairs of others?

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