Picture for InterjectDid any teacher ever interject bad remarks in your report card? Interject means to insert between other things and that’s why the reference to the teacher remarks in the first sentence.

Pronunciation: in-ter-jekt

Meanings of Interject:

1. To insert between other elements
2. Obsolete . to come between.

Master’s tip to Learn Interject:

We can remember interject as it sounds like Inject and Injection is injected in our body. Interjecting means to insert.

Sentence example for Interject:

1. Potter also began to interject and to snap her fingers in frustration.
2. He tends to sit back quietly, waiting for the right moment to interject.
3. It is a known fact that historians always interject their own personal biases and prejudices in their scholarly work.
4. Occasionally, an emcee will interject brief interludes of cabaret or comedy.

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