Picture for InterrogateThe word Interrogate is a verb and is a procedure where a person is asked a series of questions to seek answers or information. It originated around 1475-1485 and has been derived from the Latin word interrogātus.

Pronunciation: in-ter-uh-geyt

Meanings of Interrogate

1. To pose a series of questions to.
2. To question someone thoroughly, often in an aggressive or threatening manner.
3. To transmit a request to a computer program, or device, for information.

Master’s Tip to Learn Interrogate

The word interrogate can be remembered by recalling all those fiction detective shows and novels we may have gone through at some points in our lives. In such works, the police often interrogated a suspect in order to solve a crime.

Sentence examples for Interrogate:

1. The police interrogated him about the accident.
2. His computer interrogated the printer to determine the status of the printing job.
3. The military is much better equipped to interrogate prisoners.

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