Picture for Invective‘Invective’ is violent or harsh talk. ‘Invective’ is a noun. It was derived from the Late Latin word invectīvus and was first used back around 1400.

Pronunciation: in-vek-tiv

Meanings of Invective

1. Saying bad things to or about someone.
2. Violent or harsh talk and behavior.

Master’s Tip to Learn Invective

Part of the word ‘Invective’ sounds like ‘Envy’. Now envy can lead you to say bad things to or about someone and this is what ‘Invective’ means.

Sentence examples for Invective:

1. An overbearing, bullying boss who is fond of sendinginvective e-mails to long-suffering assistants
2. The invective rivals any that could be found in today’s on-line snark-fests.

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